Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), is a highly advanced specialized medical imaging technique which produces a 3-dimensional image of head to neck region. This revolutionary technique produces images of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan with optimum accuracy.
Dent cat

i-CAT CBCT. A revolutionary imaging technique i-CAT CBCT is continuously revolutionizing the sphere of 3D dental and maxillofacial radiography with excellent efficiency and flexibility, providing maximum clinical control. Here are a few technical strengths:

  • Quantum iQ – provides smooth views of the tissues, reduces noise in the image thereby, enhancing clarity with sharp definition of hard tissues and bone structure
  • Extended Field of View – 17cm X 23cm is the optimum range for capturing full cranial height images i-PAN – Provides traditional 2D panoramic images
  • Tru-PAN – For automatic panoramic reconstructions of 3D scans with optimum clarity and detail
  • Super-Ceph – Provides high quality 3D cephalogram without magnification and distortion
Less Exposure. More Control:

i-collimator electronically adjusts the field of view, limiting the area of radiation to the part/s to be scanned. The area could be easily adjusted as per the requirement thus, minimizing the exposure, ensuring safety.

Treatment Flow:

Sophisticated ‘Vision Software’ enables planning of the treatment and its tools.

Accurate Analysis:

Qualified in-house radiologists offer accurate report analysis at no extra-cost.

About us

Dent-CAT is a highly advanced diagnostic imaging center offering the most specialized technique, i-CAT CBCT; that provides accurate, reliable and precise results. With our in-house radiologist and trained staff, we meet all your imaging requirements with optimum efficiency and accuracy.

why i-cat cbct?

Dent cat
  • Fast, precise & crisp visualization with high definition 3D images
  • User-friendly ‘Vision Software’ to plan and treat patients effectively
  • High resolution 508 dpi laser radiographic images ensure maximum clarity of clinical details
  • Quantum Qi, TruPan, i-Pan, low dose scans, and quick scans enable to plan workflow with additional benefits
  • Highest extended FOV 7X23) in class widest area coverage
  • High precision enhances effectiveness of the treatment
  • Low radiation dose with customized and controlled exposure ensures safety
  • Ergonomically stable open gantry system for patient comfort
  • Scans are done in seating position, enhancing comfort, stability and image quality

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